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Install decorative concrete floors into your home or office with the help of our company in Bryan, Texas. Vanguard Enhanced Concrete has a variety of high-quality concrete services available to transform your office or home. Contact us at (979) 324-5254 for more information about having us work on your next project.
Beautiful Kitchen Floor - Decorative Concrete Floors

Concrete Staining & Overlays
Staining is a decorative art form that is rapidly gaining popularity with property owners, architects, and contractors. Staining can be applied to your new or old concrete in your choice of colors. This gives an exotic look to your patio, porch, pool deck, or interior concrete while remaining low-maintenance.

If your older concrete is unable to accept the stain properly, we can apply an overlay onto your concrete, which will allow for proper staining.

Scoring Services
Our scoring service allows us to create any desired pattern you want, including tile, brick, and slate patterns as well as borders and logos.

Epoxy Coatings
Trust our ability to install epoxy coatings on your garage floor or industrial surface to make it easy to maintain. Epoxy coatings also remove the chance of hot tire pick up, which is a common occurrence with painted garage floors.

Concrete Stamping
Your concrete will look like stone or slate thanks to our concrete stamping services. With a variety of patterns available, our team can even stamp your concrete to make it look like wood planks!

Concrete Sealants
The sealants we use are the most versatile and dependable sealants on the market and range from water and solvent based to extremely durable epoxy and aliphatic urethane sealants. Sealing a floor is one of the most important steps to creating your long-lasting concrete surface and Vanguard Enhanced Concrete has the sealants and expertise to ensure that your floor will be protected for years to come.

Concrete Surface Repair & Restoration
When you develop craters or pits in your concrete, we can level and transform the damaged slab into a brand-new surface. The high strength, cementitious topping material we use can smooth out damaged concrete for most residential and commercial grade concretes.

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